• Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter
  • Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter – Enhancing Casting Quality

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter effectively removes non-metallic impurities, which increases the quality of the finished product. The Ceramic Filter simplifies the casting system, which increases the casting output rate.

Silicon Carbide Filter also reduces turbulence in the metal melt, which affects the flow of the liquid metal. This improves the consistency of the flow and reduces the occurrence of air pockets in the finished product.

What is Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter?

Silicon carbide ceramic filter (SiC Filter) is a ceramic foam filter made of silicon carbide. It is used in the foundry industry for the molten metal filtration. The sic filter is designed to improve casting quality by removing non-metallic impurities from the molten metal and reducing turbulence in the metal melt.

The molten metal filter simplifies the casting system, which increases casting output rates. It reduces scrap rates and eliminates the need for time-consuming post-cast cleaning procedures that negatively impact the environment.

The silicon carbide ceramic filter for casting effectively removes non-metallic impurities and reduces turbulence in the liquid metal melt. This results in better flow consistency and cuts down costs and labor associated with post-casting cleanup processes.

sefu silicon carbide ceramic filter
Chemical  Composition SIC/ Al2O3/SIO2
Porosity(%) 80~90%
Application Temperature Max.1500°C
Compression Strength(Mpa) ≥1.0
Thermal Shock Resistance 1100°C—room temperature 6 times
Bulk Density 0.4-0.5g/cm3
Tolerance of Dimensions -1.5-0.5mm

What is Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter used for?

SEFU sic ceramic foam filter is widely used in the foundry industry for filtration of various steel and large cast iron parts, high-temperature superalloys, aviation castings, magnetic materials, copper-magnesium alloy continuous casting, and low-pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way to enhance mechanical casting properties.

use of silicon carbide ceramic filter
silicon carbide ceramic filter use

Features of SEFU Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter

The sic ceramic filter comprises a porous material made of silicon carbide (SIC). The pore structure has a varying density of pores per inch (PPI), which ranges from 10 to 50.
The ceramic filter for foundry also has a high porosity level, which can fall within the range of 85% to 90%.
The use temperature of the silicon carbide ceramic foam filter is up to 1550°C.
The size and shape can be customized according to customer requirements.

Why SEFU Ceramic?

SEFU Ceramic is a reliable global manufacturer and supplier of ceramic filters for foundry. Our company has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification, which guarantees that the ceramic foam filter manufacturing process adheres to strict quality standards.

SEFU Ceramic also produces other porous ceramics for casting including, alumina ceramic foam filters, zirconia ceramic foam filters, and other specialized porous ceramic filters. SEFU Ceramic has a reputation for excellent customer service and effortless order fulfillment.

silicon carbide ceramic filter manufacturer

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter is an effective product used in the foundry industry for the filtration of molten metal. It enhances mechanical casting properties while lowering costs. The Sic Ceramic Filter is an essential component for foundries that require casting quality, cost efficiency, and environmentally friendly products. SEFU Ceramic is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of ceramic filters, putting excellent customer service first and crafting sustainable products. Contact SEFU Ceramic today for your needs.

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