Explore our Steel Foundry page to discover the top-quality casting materials for your steel foundry needs. Our offerings include cutting-edge products such as zirconia ceramic foam filters, pouring cups for investment casting, riser sleeves, thermocouples, and more. We take pride in supplying high-performance materials that meet the demanding requirements of steel casting processes.

Trust in our expertise and experience in the industry as we provide you with the refractory materials necessary to achieve excellence in steel casting. Start browsing our Steel Foundry page now and unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, quality, and success in your steel casting endeavors.

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Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

The Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter is a high-temperature molten metal filter designed to remove impurities from steel at temperatures up to 1700℃. This ceramic filter is specifically engineered to enhance the quality and purity of molten steel during the casting process. Experience the benefits of this filtration solution and elevate the performance of your steel casting processes with the Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter.

zirconia ceramic foam filter
foam filter for steel alloy

Ceramic Foam Filter for High-Temperature Steel Alloy

The High-Temperature Ceramic Foam Filter is specifically designed for filtration in various high-end stainless steel castings, including high-temperature alloy steel, superalloys, and special alloy materials. This advanced filter is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of these demanding applications.

Trust in the capabilities of this advanced filtration solution to optimize your high-end stainless steel casting operations and deliver superior castings in the most demanding applications.

Ceramic Pour Cup

The Ceramic Pouring Cup for Investment Casting serves as a channel through which molten metal is poured into the ceramic mold. It helps prevent turbulence and splashing during the pouring process, promotes uniform filling of the mold, and ensures the formation of accurate and detailed castings.

ceramic pour cup for investment casting
feeder sleeves

Riser Sleeves

The Riser for Steel Casting, also known as the feeder, is specifically designed to facilitate the proper feeding and solidification of molten steel within the mold.

By incorporating a well-designed and properly positioned Riser into the steel casting process, manufacturers can minimize the risk of defects, improve yield, and enhance the overall quality of the castings.


The Thermocouple plays a critical role in monitoring and regulating the temperature of the molten steel during casting. By accurately measuring the temperature, it ensures that the steel reaches the desired pouring temperature and maintains optimal conditions throughout the casting process.

disposable fast thermocouple tips