• Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups
  • Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups

Ceramic Pouring Cup

SEFU Ceramic Pouring Cups are superior quality ceramic casting molds used for pouring molten metal into Castings intended shapes.

  • Protection against the heat and hazards of molten metal
  • Retaining excellent accuracy in the casting
  • Custom manufacturing to meet different requirements


Product Name Ceramic Pouring Cups
Material High Alumina Silicate
Operating Temperature (℃) 1650
Flexural Strength at Room Temperature (MPa) > 10
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8~9×10-6
Application High Temperature Alloy, Stainless Steel

sefu investment casting ceramic pouring cup

Product Specifications A mm(inch) B mm(inch) C mm(inch)
0101 77(3.03) 45(1.77) 40(1.57)
0102 90(3.54) 60(2.36) 50(1.97)
0201 130(5.11) 54(2.12) 97(3.82)
0202 200(7.87) 92(3.62) 205(8.07)
0203 200(7.87) 60(2.36) 180(7.08)
0204 170(6.69) 92(3.62) 140(5.51)
0301 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0302 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0501 212.8(8.37) 101.6(4) 133.3(5.26)
0502 138.4(5.45) 76.2(3) 107.9(4.24)
0601 121(4.76) 70(2.76) 62(2.44)
0701 124(4.88) 53(2.08) 84(3.30)
0801 182(7.16) 59.5(2.34) 130(5.11)
0901 124(4.88) 61.5(2.42) 88.5(3.48)
1101 265(10.43) 58(2.28) 250(9.84)

Products need to be customized according to your needs.

application of ceramic pouring cup

Customized Production

SEFU Investment Casting Ceramic Pours provide several advantages over other similar products. They boast excellent durability and provide excellent levels of heat retention. The cups also feature a highly efficient design and can be custom manufactured to meet specific needs.


Strict Quality Control

SEFU products passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification. All SEFU Investment Casting Ceramic Pours are subjected to rigorous quality control processes to ensure their quality, accuracy, and reliability.


ceramic pouring cup
ceramic pouring cups

Competitive Price

SEFU strives to offer competitive prices for Investment Casting Ceramic Pours in order to make them an excellent value for money. We also offer custom made orders that meet specific needs.


ceramic pouring cup for investment casting

Complete Guide
Ceramic Pouring Cup

SEFU supplies casting pouring cups of various materials to suit different casting production processes. Available in Mullite ceramic pouring cups, ceramic fiber pouring cups, and refractory paper pouring cups for lost foam casting.

Let SEFU serve you to customize the casting pouring cup you need.

What material are ceramic pouring cups made of?

Ceramic Pouring Cups are made of high quality Mullite material that has excellent resistance to heat and chemical erosion.

What is the function of ceramic pouring cups for investment casting?

The investment casting pour cups provide reliable protection for the surfaces of molds against the dangers posed by heat, pressure, and the risk of molten metal.

What are the advantages of ceramic pouring cups?

Ceramic pour cups feature excellent durability, heat retention, and thermal shock resistance. They are also highly efficient and provide outstanding protection against thermal damage, making them an ideal option for industrial production.

What can ceramic pouring cups be used for?

The Cups are widely used in industrial production for pouring molten metal into castings with very precise dimensions. They are often used for industrial applications such as the fabrication of mechanical parts, electrical components and other objects.

How are Investment Casting Ceramic Pouring Cups used?

Ceramic Pouring Cups can be used in a variety of industrial applications. The cups should be placed on the surface of the molds and heated before the metal is melted. Then, the molds should be filled with molten metal in a fast and efficient manner.

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