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  • Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities.
  • Reduce cost, reduce turbulence.
  • High-temperature resistance and High filtration efficiency.
  • High elastic coefficient and good rigidity.

What is Fiberglass Mesh Filter?

Fiberglass mesh filters can effectively remove slags, refractory particles and non-metallic inclusions from molten metals to ensure the production of high-quality castings.

The filters are made of specially treated silica fiberglass yarn and coated with special resin. They are brown with resin coating or black with smokeless carbonized treatment.

The mesh filter acts as a barrier, capturing and trapping unwanted particles, such as slag, sand, or other contaminants, that can compromise the integrity and performance of the final cast products. By effectively filtering the molten metal, the casting filter screen promotes smoother flow, reduces turbulence, and enhances the overall casting quality.

With its durable construction and efficient filtration properties, the casting filter screen is an indispensable tool for achieving consistent and reliable casting results in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

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Types of Molten Metal Filtration

Fiberglass mesh filters are molten metal filtration products for filtering steel, iron, aluminum and other casting metal liquids.

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Cap-Style Filtration

SEFU different shapes and specifications of the cap filter to meet your different needs

Custom Size

SEFU filters can be customized according to your request

Diversified Applications

SEFU filters are suitable for iron, copper, aluminum, and steel alloys, etc.

Temperature Resistance

Casting filters are available for 1700°C.

Free Sample

We supply you ceramic filter samples

Why Choose SEFU Fiberglass Mesh Filter?

SEFE aims to provide quality casting materials to the world and build a high-quality brand of casting filters.

Relying on our technology center, we establish a product network information system, from raw material inspection, weighing control, size control, formula management, process monitoring, and monitoring of the entire product manufacturing network to avoid human errors.

Our service team can provide you with the best quality service efficiently and quickly.

Why Choose SEFU Fiberglass Mesh Filter

High Silica Fiberglass Mesh Filter

high silica fiberglass mesh filters
high silica fiberglass mesh

SEFU high silica fiberglass mesh filter is made of high-grade high-temperature resistant fiber through a special process. High silica fiber is a high temperature resistant inorganic fiber with excellent ablation resistance, heat insulation, and thermal insulation properties.

Molten Metal Filter Applications

Molten Metal Filters for Aluminum Alloy Castings
Molten Metal Filters for Aluminum Alloy Castings


Fiberglass filters can be used in aluminum alloy castings to remove inclusions from molten aluminum.



Molten Metal Filters for Iron Castings
Molten Metal Filters for Iron Castings


Fiberglass mesh filters can be used to remove impurities in molten iron from gray castings, ductile iron, and other iron castings.


Molten Metal Filters for Steel Castings
Molten Metal Filters for Steel Castings


Fiberglass mesh filters are also suitable for steel castings. It can remove inclusions in small and medium-sized steel castings and improve casting quality.


fiberglass filter mesh
SEFU Fiberglass Mesh Filter for Foundry

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Choose Your Ceramic Foam Filter

Product Name Working temperature Melting point Sustaining working time Tensile strength Application
Steel fiberglass mesh filter 1600-1620 1700 5 minutes 16 Carbon steel, stainless steel casting filtering
Iron fiberglass mesh filter 1400-1450 1700 10 minutes 8 Grey iron, nodular iron and small size steel casting filtering
Copper fiberglass mesh filter 1200 1700 10 minutes 6 Copper alloy casting filtering
Alumina fiberglass mesh filter 700-800 900 10 minutes 6 Aluminum alloy casting filtering
Cap-style mesh filter Various casting filtering
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FAQ About Fiberglass Mesh Filters

Are you still more confused about fiberglass mesh filters?

This section is more about fiberglass mesh filters. Let’s explore more mysteries about this molten metal filter together.

What is Fiberglass Mesh Filter?

Fiberglass mesh filter is a high temperature resistant inorganic fiber material. It removes impurities from the molten metal. Choosing a high-silica glass fiber filter can fully meet your needs for small castings.

Can fiberglass mesh filters work in high temperatures?

High silica fiberglass mesh filter is an excellent inorganic material with high temperature resistance, heat insulation, and heat preservation. It can work continuously at a temperature of 900°C, and can withstand a short-term temperature of 1700°C.

How are fiberglass mesh filters made?

The fiberglass mesh filter is woven from glass fibers. The surface of the high-silica fiberglass mesh filter is coated with a high temperature resistant coating. Finally, a filter screen with a certain rigidity is produced.

What are fiberglass mesh filters used for?

Fiberglass mesh filters can be used to filter and purify impurities in metal smelting and casting. It is suitable for the filtration of small and medium-sized steel castings, gray castings, ductile iron and small steel castings, copper alloy castings, aluminum alloy castings, etc.

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