IRON FOUNDRY: Explore Premium Casting Materials for Iron Casting

Discover a range of high-quality casting materials specifically designed for iron casting processes. At SF-Foundry, we specialize in providing top-notch products to enhance your iron foundry operations. Our extensive selection includes essential items such as silicon carbide ceramic foam filters, feeder riser sleeves, runner systems, thermocouples, sampling cups, ladles, and diamond tools.

Whether you are looking for reliable filtration solutions with our silicon carbide ceramic foam filters, effective gating systems with risers and pouring cups, precise temperature monitoring with thermocouples, or durable tools like sample cups, ladles, and diamond tools, our Iron Foundry page is your go-to resource.

At SF-Foundry, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. We strive to provide products that meet the highest industry standards, enabling you to achieve optimal casting performance.

Explore our Iron Foundry page and unlock the potential of our top-grade casting materials for your iron foundry needs. For any inquiries or assistance, our dedicated team is here to support you. Start optimizing your iron casting processes today with SF-Foundry.

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic Foam Filters

These high-temperature Sic filters can withstand up to 1500°C, effectively trapping contaminants like oxides and slag. Improve casting quality with smooth metal flow. Upgrade your iron foundry operations today.

sic ceramic foam filters
feeder riser sleeves

Feeder Sleeves

Enhance casting quality and prevent defects by utilizing strategically placed risers. These feeders of molten metal compensate for shrinkage, ensuring stronger and more reliable castings. Upgrade your cast iron processes today with efficient riser systems. Contact us for reliable riser solutions tailored to your casting needs.

Runner Systems

Optimize metal flow and casting outcomes using high-quality refractory paper channels. These systems ensure smooth filling, reducing turbulence and defects. Experience easy installation and customization for efficient gating design. Upgrade your cast iron processes today for superior results. Contact us to explore our reliable refractory paper gating systems.

eg runner systems
disposable fast thermocouple tips


Ensure accurate and real-time temperature monitoring with these thermocouples. Achieve precise control and minimize casting defects with their accurate and quick response times. Contact us to explore our disposable fast thermocouples for measuring molten iron temperatures.

Thermal Analysis Sample Cup

Accurately analyze carbon content (C), silicon content (Si), and carbon equivalent (CEL) in molten iron with our high-quality cups. The thermal analysis carbon cups provides precise insights for optimizing casting processes and achieving desired material properties. Upgrade your cast iron analysis with our reliable thermal analysis cups. Contact us to learn more about our product and its benefits for your operations.

thermal analysis carbon cup
sampling spoon

Sampling Spoon

Sampling ladles are used for the transfer and analysis of molten iron. Made from durable materials, specifically designed with a convenient handle and a sturdy bowl, facilitating easy and safe transfer of molten iron.

Diamond Tools

Designed for cast iron applications, our diamond grinding discs, cutting blades, and grinding burrs offer exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance. Experience efficient material removal, smooth finishes, and precise dimensions. Elevate your cast iron cutting and grinding processes with our reliable diamond tools.

diamond tools