Carbon Cups are specially used in ferrous foundries for the detection of % C & % Si. It is used by the foundry sector for instantaneous measurement of Carbon in molten metal.

  • Improve the casting process control
  • Provide uniform cooling curve
  • High accuracy of the content of Carbon and Silicon
  • Fast thermocouple response
  • Precisely measure the temperature of the melting iron
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Which Carbon Cup Is Right For You?

SEFU supplies different shapes of carbon cups according to your different needs. You can choose the right cup according to your sampling stand.

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Professional Technology
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Tremendous Strength
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Quality Assurance
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Outstanding Services

Why Need Carbon Cups?

Carbon Cups are specially used in ferrous foundries. It is used by the foundry sector for instantaneous measurement of Carbon in molten metal. They are mainly used in conjunction with the use of the molten iron analyzer and carbon silicon analyzer in front of the furnace.



application of thermal analysis carbon cup
thermal analysis cups

Who Are We?

SEFU is an enterprise that supplies sensors for online detection of liquid metal in metallurgy and foundry production and raw and auxiliary materials for the foundry to the world. SEFU adopts advanced technology to supply high precision and high stability carbon cups and thermocouple tips.


Why Choose SEFU Carbon Cup?

  • Reasonable sampling cup design
  • Quartz Protection Tube Design
  • Complete stock and fast delivery


thermal analysis carbon cup

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round thermal analysis carbon cup
square thermal analysis cup

Why Choose SEFU Carbon Cup?

round thermal analysis cup
Reasonable Sample Cup Design

Reasonable and reliable sample cup design ensures that the polarity is correctly connected to the thermal analysis connector, making it safer to use.



thermal analysis carbon cup for molten iron
Quartz Protection Tube Design

The interior of the thermal analysis carbon cup body is provided with a quartz protection tube. When measuring, can make quick responses.


square thermal analysis carbon cup
Fully Stocked

SEFU thermal analysis carbon cups have complete inventory, fast delivery, wide pouring temperature range, and high measurement efficiency.


thermal analysis cup
Carbon Cups for Foundries

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Carbon Cup Supplier for Molten Iron

Specification Measurement Functions
SF00/S Carbon Equivalent (CEL) and Subcooling Degree (▵T)
SF01/S Carbon Equivalent (CEL), Carbon Content, Silicon Content
SF02/S Carbon Equivalent (CEL), Carbon Content, and Silicon Content after Nodularization
SF01/R Carbon Equivalent (CEL), Carbon Content, Silicon Content
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FAQ About the Carbon Cup

The importance of the thermal analysis carbon cups in the production process of iron cannot be ignored. Come learn more about Thermal Analysis Cups.

What is carbon cups?

The carbon cups are used to determine the chemical composition of cast iron by thermal analysis in the production of cast iron. The thermal analysis cups are used matching with the carbon and sulphur analyzer to quickly analyze carbon content, silicon content, and carbon equivalent in molten iron, which can redeem the smelting time of molten iron, and greatly reduce the production cycle of white and grey cast iron and therefore increase production efficiency.

What is the application of carbon cups?

The expendable carbon cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in gray, malleable, and ductile iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.

What is the Advantages of Carbon Cups?

It is a very high success rate. It can be used with base iron prior to magnesium treatment and is well-matched with any thermal analysis system. Assurance of complete white iron solidification. It improves the casting process control and provides uniform cooling curve. It has high accuracy of the content of Carbon, Silicon and the fast thermocouple response precisely measuring the temperature of melting iron.

What is the material made of carbon cups?

The carbon cups are made of a consumable casting auxiliary material made of the cup body and resin sand.

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