• auto pouring ladles
  • auto pouring ladles
  • auto pouring ladles
  • auto pouring ladles
  • auto pouring ladles
  • auto pouring ladles

Aluminum Casting: Molten Metal Auto Pouring Ladles

SEFU Molten Metal Auto Pouring Ladles are containers used to transfer aluminum liquid during the aluminum refining process. It is installed on the automatic pouring device and transfers the molten metal from the holding furnace to the pouring cup.

  • Lightweight materials
  • Can be started cold, no preheating required
  • Very good wear resistance and thermal insulation
  • Low heat and temperature dissipation
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Special strength and density ratio, density is 1600Kg/m3
  • Does not stick to molten aluminum
  • Not stained by iron impurities
  • Low maintenance cost


Can be processed according to your needs

Product specifications: 0.5-120kg
Density: 1600 Kg/m3
Maximum operating temperature: 780℃
Thickness: 8-25mm

auto pouring ladles

Molten Metal Auto Pouring Ladles, fiber-ceramic composite pouring ladles, are containers installed on automatic pouring devices to transfer molten aluminum. Fiber-ceramic composite materials are made of fiber-based ceramic materials as binders, which are laminated and compounded. They are tough and resistant to mild mechanical damage. When it leaves the factory, its surface is all painted with special paint. The special non-stick properties of this paint enhance the performance of the fiber-ceramic composite automatic ladle.

How to use fiber ceramic composite automatic ladle?

Fiber ceramic composite pouring spoons can be used in high-pressure casting, gravity casting, and sand casting.

The SEFU fiber ceramic composite auto pouring spoon is designed to meet the needs of most customers and is connected with a special connecting block and robotic arm. The pouring ladle is fixed by tightening the bolts, and slight size differences can be perfectly matched by grinding or filling with refractory mud.

auto pouring ladles
auto pouring ladles

Features of SEFU Auto Pouring Ladle

The cross-section of the sides and base of the ladle is much thinner and lighter than ordinary refractory materials.
Very good wear resistance and excellent thermal insulation.
Good strength and density ratio, material density of 1600kg/m3.
The automatic pouring spoon is sprayed with a special coating when it leaves the factory. This coating has very good non-stick properties to aluminum.
It is safe and reliable, and its service life is usually more than 40,000 castings.


Advantages of SEFU fiber ceramic composite ladle

Different from vacuum formed ceramic fiber spoons using aluminum silicate fiber cotton, fiber-ceramic composite spoons are made by laminating fiber mesh cloth and ceramic mud. It is formed by laminating high silica fiber and refractory mud materials. These layered materials have good strength, toughness, safety, and stability. Moreover, the laminated structure of the fiber material makes it difficult for heat to be conducted out, so it has very good thermal insulation properties.

aluminum liquid
aluminum liquid

Why choose SEFU CERAMIC?

SEFU CERAMIC is committed to the development and production of thermal insulation products, refractory materials, and metallurgical materials.

We have introduced automated production equipment and production lines, and cooperated with many aluminum equipment companies around the world, specializing in customizing various refractory materials and various thermal insulation products that come into contact with liquid aluminum, such as filtering and degassing equipment, and liquid aluminum transfer tools. Such as pouring ladles, etc.