• aluminum casting filter
  • aluminum casting filter
  • aluminum casting filter
  • aluminum casting filter

Aluminum Casting Filter

SEFU has proficiency experienced in aluminum casting filters and it refers to the alumina ceramic foam filter. It can be used to remove the impurities of molten metal in the foundry.

  • It has compressive strength.
  • High porosity.
  • Good flexural.
  • Remove molten metal impurities.
  • It can ensure high-efficiency filtration.


Type Alumina Ceramic Filter
Operating  Temperature (℃) ≤1100
Porosity (%) 80-90
Bending Strength (MPa) ≥0.6
Pore Density (PPI) 10-40
Compression Strength  (MPa) ≥0.8
Thermal Shock Resistance (times/1100 ℃) 6
aluminum casting filters

What is Aluminum Casting Filters?

SEFU Aluminum Casting Filter is a kind of molten metal filter. It can be used in the foundry to remove molten metal impurities. Aluminum requires that the ceramic foam filters should be based on the quality of the casting and the inclusions of the molten metal to determine the pore size of the filter.

Aluminum Casting Filter Application

Sefu aluminum casting filters can be used for various types of castings such as:

  • continuous casting
  • semi-continuous casting
  • gravity casting
  • low-pressure casting
  • investment casting, etc.
aluminum casting filter
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Aluminum Casting Filter Feature

The aluminum casting filter can seize the inclusions according to a certain mechanism, therefore purifying the metal. The size of the filter is determined according to the pouring speed and pouring weight. It has the filtration contraption has been used to remove inclusions in aluminum fluids. The foam body is formed by baking and solidifying at a high temperature of 1180 °C.

aluminum casting filter

FAQs About the Aluminum Casting Filter

As an Aluminum Casting Filter manufacturer, SEFU has a professional understanding of the use and selection of ceramic filters. If you need more information about the filters, please contact us. Let our professional casting experts customize the solution for you.

How to consider the size of the filter?

The size of the filter is determined according to the pouring speed and pouring weight.

What is the structure of aluminum casting filter?

The base material of this product adopts a 3D network structure and the porous foam of organic foam.

What does PPI mean in filters?

The PPI in the filter refers to Pores Per Inch, which is the pore density and pore uniformity of the filter. For example, 10ppi means that the uniformity of pores in any one inch length is 7~13 pores.

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