Riser Sleeves Solve Your Casting Problems

  • Manufacturer of riser sleeves for the iron, steel, and non-ferrous foundry industry.
  • Available in vacuum formed ceramic fiber construction.
  • Types include straight, dome, round neck down, direct pour cup and breaker core insert sleeves

Riser Sleeves

In iron and steel castings where they mainly use riser sleeves. These are widely used in the foundry industry. Riser sleeves are resin-bonded with exothermic or insulating material etc.

Exothermic Sleeves A Types

A Type exothermic riser sleeve is mainly used for the production of iron castings.


Exothermic Sleeves B Types

B Type exothermic riser sleeve is mainly used in the production of steel castings.


Exothermic Sleeves G Types

G Types can be used as iron and steel castings to extend feed capacity.


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Multiple Production Lines

SEFU exothermic riser sleeves ensure the exothermic function on the basis of heat preservation. We have multiple production lines to produce riser sleeves to ensure the quality and delivery for you on schedule.


how to produce exothermic riser sleeves
riser sleeves

Sufficient Stock

SEFU exothermic riser sleeves are available in a wide variety and are fully stocked. We can ship to you at any time to ensure that you receive your exothermic riser sleeve product within the estimated deadline.


Breaker Core

SEFU can supply you with the breaker core matched with the exothermic riser sleeve. It is more convenient for you to remove the feeding riser sleeve, helping you save labor and production costs.


breaker core

Exothermic Riser Sleeves

exothermic riser sleeves
exothermic sleeve

SEFU Exothermic riser sleeves are designed for iron and steel castings. It relies on an exothermic reaction to increase the time that the metal is molten, increasing the casting feeding rate.

What can exothermic riser sleeves be used for?

Exothermic Riser Sleeves for Iron Castings
Exothermic Riser Sleeves for Iron Castings

SEFU exothermic riser sleeves can be used for feeding iron castings. It can meet the production of iron castings and solve the problems of shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity of iron castings.

Exothermic Riser Sleeves for Steel Castings
Exothermic Riser Sleeves for Steel Castings

SEFU exothermic riser sleeves can also play an important role in the production process of steel castings. Sleeves are used in the steel casting process to compensate for the shrinkage of the steel during solidification.

Exothermic Sleeves C Types
Insulating Sleeve

Insulating sleeves are used for feeding all grades of iron casting. The riser linings are made of low-density and refractory materials so as to provide insulation to the riser metal in moulds.


riser sleeve
Exothermic- Insulating Sleeve

Exothermic-insulating riser sleeve is one of the chart topping riser sleeves. It is suitable for manufacturing of medium and large iron castings and steel castings.


high exothermic sleeves
High Exothermic Sleeve

High Exothermic sleeve can be fixed directly on an area to target shrinkage. The product can be used as riser foremost for iron and steel castings, extending the solidification time and extending the feeding capacity of the riser.


exothermic riser sleeve
Exothermic Riser Sleeve for Casting

Feeder Sleeves Help You Improve The Iron and Steel Castings

More About Exothermic Sleeves

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FAQ About Exothermic Sleeves

What is Riser Sleeve?

Riser sleeves used in steel casting are generally formulated as purely insulating or exothermically insulating, where a thermite reaction is typically used for heat generation.

What are the functions of riser sleeves?

It helps to solve the problem of shrinkage cavities and shrinkage porosity in castings. In addition to the function of feeding, it also has the role of exhaust and slag collection.

What are the characteristics of the riser sleeves?

It has a good exothermic effect and high feeding efficiency. It helps to increase the casting yield and helps to reduce the cost of casting production.

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