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Enhance Steel Casting Quality with Precision Ceramic Foam Filters

High-Temperature Ceramic Foam Filters for Steel Casting

Welcome to our premium Ceramic Foam Filters for Steel Casting. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, our filters are designed to optimize the steel casting process, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. With a focus on high-temperature stability and precision filtration, our filters stand as the epitome of innovation in the steel casting industry.

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Infrastructure
  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
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Pore Density (PPI) 10–40
Porosity (%) 80-90
Max Working Temperature (ºC) 1700
Bending Strength (Mpa) 0.8-1.0
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 1.0-1.2
Thermal Shock Resistance (times/1100-0ºC) 6

Key Features

  • High-Temperature Stability: Our ceramic foam filters are crafted using high-quality materials that offer exceptional thermal stability, capable of withstanding the rigorous temperatures encountered during steel casting processes. This ensures consistent performance and reliability, even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Precision Filtration: Featuring a meticulously designed foam structure and customizable pore sizes, our filters provide precise filtration of impurities and contaminants from molten steel. This results in superior casting quality, reduced defects, and enhanced surface finish.
  • Durability: Built to last, our ceramic foam filters boast a robust construction that ensures long-term durability and resistance to wear and tear. This longevity minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, providing a cost-effective solution for steel casting operations.
  • Versatile Application: Our ceramic foam filters are suitable for a wide range of steel casting processes, including carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel casting. Whether in automotive, construction, or industrial applications, our filters deliver consistent and reliable results.
zirconia ceramic foam filter for steel casting

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Elevate your steel casting processes with our premium Ceramic Foam Filters. Engineered for high-temperature stability, precision filtration, and durability, our filters ensure exceptional quality and performance in every casting. Experience the difference in your steel casting operations today. Contact us to learn more about our advanced filtration solutions.

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