Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Gasket & Shape

Custom Refractory Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products

What is ceramic fiber product

SEFU ceramic fiber product is made of aluminum silicate fiber and can be used in various high-temperature, high-pressure, and easy-wear environments. It is a high-efficiency energy-saving thermal insulation material with the advantages of lightweight, high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability, and low thermal conductivity.

Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Shapes

Vacuum-formed ceramic fiber products are particularly effective in high-temperature applications for excellent insulation and thermal protection. SEFU offers a range of ceramic fiber shapes, including sampling spoons, tap out cones, crucibles, riser tubes, ceramic fiber sleeves, ceramic fiber gaskets, and other customizable shapes.

melting furnace crucible
Melting Furnace Crucible
pouring conduit for lost foam casting
Pouring Conduit for Lost Foam Casting
high temperature ceramic fiber filter tube
High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Filter Tube
insulation riser
Insulation Riser
ceramic fiber shapes
Ceramic Fiber Shapes
ceramic fiber shapes
Ceramic Fiber Shapes
ceramic fiber shapes
Ceramic Fiber Shapes
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custom size
Custom Size

SEFU ceramic fiber products can be customized according to your request

diversified applications
Diversified Applications

SEFU ceramic fiber products are suitable for metallurgy, mining, aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, etc.

temperature resistance
Temperature Resistance

Our ceramic fiber products can withstand temperatures up to 2300°F.

free sample
Free Sample

Contact us to customize your ceramic fiber product sample


Custom Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Gasket & Shape

SEFU supports customized design and production of various vacuum formed ceramic fiber shaped products such as refractory, heat insulation, and thermal insulation.


ceramic fiber products supplier

Ceramic Fiber Uses

industrial furnace and thermal equipment furnace wall refractory insulation
Refractory Insulation of Industrial Furnace and Thermal Equipment Furnace Wall
furnace material for ultra-high temperature experimental electric furnace
Furnace Material for Ultra-high Temperature Experimental Electric Furnace
industrial kiln door and wall lining
Industrial Kiln Door and Wall Lining
launders for aluminum industry
Launders for Aluminum Industry

Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Gasket & Shape

Grade Standard High Aluminium Zirconium
Working Temperature (℃) 1150 1260 1450
Shrinkage on Heating (%) 800℃×24h≤﹣3 1000℃×24h≤﹣3 1280℃×24h≤﹣3
Thermal Conductivity (w/m.k) (250kg/m3) 200℃ 0.055-0.065 0.060-0.070
400℃ 0.110-0.120 0.105-0.125
600℃ 0.170-0.180 0.170-0.180
Bulk Density (kg/m3) 300~450
Size According to the customer’s requirements and drawings

Remarks: The above data is for reference only, the maximum temperature depends on the working environment.

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FAQ about Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber

If you are interested in learning more about our ceramic fiber products, check out our FAQ section below. It provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our vacuum formed ceramic fiber gasket & shape products.

What are ceramic fiber products used for?

Ceramic fiber products are used for high-temperature insulation and refractory applications, such as aerospace, automobile, manufacturing, construction, chemical industry, and other industries.

What are the shapes of vacuum formed ceramic fiber?

Typically vacuum formed ceramic fiber products are available in a variety of shapes including sheets, boards, tubes, cones, cylinders, and custom shapes.

What are the benefits of using ceramic fiber products?

Ceramic fiber products offer superior insulation, energy efficiency, and cost savings compared to other insulation materials.

Is ceramic fiber insulation safe?

Ceramic fiber insulation can be safe when used and installed correctly. It’s essential to follow the instructions and safety guidelines when working with any insulation material, including ceramic fiber.

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