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Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

SEFU Ceramic Honeycomb Filter is mainly used in the metallurgy, and foundry industry. It removes impurities and improves the quality of molten metal flow.

SEFU’s ceramic filters offer:

  • Engineered balance of filtration efficiency.
  • Flow rate.
  • Capacity.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Mechanical strength.
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.6-1.0
Compressive Strength (MPa) >15
Expansion Coefficient (20-1000°C) <5×10-6k-1
Thermal Shock Resistance (800°C water cooling) >5 times
Flexural Strength (MPa) 1.3-1.6
Softening Temperature Meet various pouring temperatures of users
principle of honeycomb ceramic filter

Characteristics of Ceramic honeycomb

Ceramic Honeycomb has the characteristics of excellent resistance to thermal shock, high strength, high porosity, and specific surface area. With its unique straight channel honeycomb designs, it can increase the specific surface area between molten metal and ceramic filters.

Shapes of Ceramic honeycomb Filter

SEFU Ceramic Honeycomb Foundry Filters are basically in round, square slice shapes. Also can be called Extruded Ceramic Filters or Molten Metal Cellular Filters.


ceramic honeycomb filter
photocatalyst filter for air purifiers

Photocatalyst Filter for Air Purifiers

Honeycomb ceramic filters are widely used. It can not only be used to filter impurities in the foundry industry, it can also be used as a catalyst substrate coated with TiO2 as a photocatalyst filter for air purifiers.


honeycomb ceramic filter

FAQs About the Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

The ceramic filter is widely used, the process is simple, and the use is convenient. Leave your inquiry and let SEFU CERAMIC be your reliable supplier.

What is Honeycomb Ceramic Filter?

Honeycomb Ceramic Filters are usually non-metallic metal liquid purification devices with a mesh structure. Ceramic Pressed Filters are used for filtration, flow control and to avoid the turbulence of molten metal in foundries.

Whats is the Functions of Honeycomb filters?

In the casting of liquid metal, honeycomb ceramic filters can filter out impurities, reduce casting porosity, and improve casting quality, as a result, casting cost is reduced and labor productivity is improved.

What is the Advantages of Honeycomb Ceramic Filter?

Honeycomb ceramic filter has very high-temperature working strength, thermal shock resistance, and resistance to metal flow impact. It does not have any slag drop or cracking phenomenon during work, which ensures the filtering quality of molten metal.

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