• molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple
  • molten metal thermocouple

Molten Metal Thermocouple

As a disposable fast thermocouple, the molten metal thermocouple is often used for temperature measurement of molten metal in iron and steel smelting and metallurgical foundry industries. It is also widely used in the rolling stock industry.

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Quick response
  • Light structure
  • Easy to use

Function: Measure the temperature of molten steel and high-temperature molten metal
Structure: Temperature tip and large paper tube
Properties: Disposable thermocouple
Paper tube length: 300~1800mm (can be customized)
Protective Cap: Steel or Aluminum

S (Pt Rh 10-Pt): upper limit temperature 1760°C
R (Pt Rh 13-Pt): upper limit temperature 1760°C
B (Pt Rh 30-Pt Rh 6): upper limit temperature 1800 ℃

Measurement rate: ≥98%
Response time: ≤5s

protective cap for thermocouple

Steel or Aluminum Protective Cap

Thermocouple protection caps are also called slag caps. It is used to protect the U-shaped quartz tube through the molten metal slag layer and enter the molten metal layer. Different outer protection tubes should be selected according to the temperature of the metal liquid to be measured.

Thermocouple with Paper Tube

Thermocouple paper tubes are thermally insulated and insulated. The paper tube of the fast thermocouple will also be different according to the specific conditions of the use site. The length is 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and other specifications.

The length of the paper tube can be customized according to your requirements.

immersion thermocouple
ceramic fiber thermocouple sleeve

Ceramic Fiber Thermocouple Sleeve

Ceramic fiber thermocouple sleeve is a protective sheath for thermocouples. It is a splash guard for thermocouples. It prolongs the life of immersion thermocouples. It is also safer to use.

molten metal thermocouple

FAQ About the Molten Metal Thermocouple

This FAQ part is for more information on thermocouples. Keep reading to learn more. Select SEFU to be your reliable supplier.

What is a Molten Metal Thermocouple?

Thermocouples that can be immersed directly in molten metal. Molten metal will melt the thermocouple wire, so it can only be detected for a short time. This type of thermocouple should only be used where even a small amount of melting of the thermocouple wire will not cause problems.

What is the Structure of Molten Metal Thermocouples?
  • Outer protective tube
  • Thermode
  • Outer paper tube
  • High temperature cement
  • Compensation wire
  • U-shaped quartz tube
What is the working principle of thermocouple?

The working principle of the immersion thermocouple is to measure the temperature by combining two different metal conductors into a closed circuit.

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