• aluminium silicate stopper cone
  • aluminium silicate stopper cone

Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone: The Ultimate Solution for Aluminum Melting and Refining

The Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone is designed specifically for the aluminum industry, intending to make the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process faster, more convenient, and safer.

  • High Temperature Resistance: Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone can withstand temperatures exceeding 1000°C.
  • Lightweight: It is easy to handle and install. It also reduces the stress on other components in the system.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties for maintaining temperature stability in industrial systems.
  • Chemical Resistance: Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone is resistant to most acids, alkalis, and salts.
  • Easy to install and can be cut to fit various shapes and sizes to suit specific application requirements.
  • Can be customized based on customer requirements
Classification Temperature(℃) 1260 1360 1400
Volume Density(kg/m3 260~350 260~350 260~350
Organic Content(%) 6 6 6
Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)


Product Specifications According to customer drawings
aluminium silicate stopper cone

Made through vacuum forming, the stopper cone is ideal for use in aluminum smelters, refining furnaces, balancing furnaces, and other points where protection against heat leakage is important. With its excellent insulation and sealing properties, the cone is an indispensable tool for modern aluminum production.

Shape and Size Variations

SEFU provides a wide range of shapes and sizes of Aluminum Silicate Stopper Cone to suit your specific needs. The stopper cone is designed to meet the unique production requirements of the aluminum plant. Each stopper cone is made with a special mold that is tailored to match its specific shape and size. Our stopper cones come in various shapes, including pipe, cone, round top, and square box shapes, among others. Most of these shapes can be produced according to customer requirements.

aluminium silicate stopper cone
aluminium silicate stopper cone

Using Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone in the Aluminum Casting Process

The critical role of the Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone has been widely recognized in the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process. The stopper cone is mainly used to block the flow of aluminum and control the direction of molten aluminum, which is vital to the success of the casting process. Its insulation and sealing properties prevent heat loss by creating a barrier around the molten aluminum, which helps control the temperature of the metal while it settles. Additionally, the stopper cone helps reduce the oxidation of the molten metal by preventing air from entering the melting vessel, ensuring the purity and quality of the final product.

Advantages of using Aluminium Silicate Stopper Cone

  • Excellent insulation properties: our cone effectively minimizes heat loss from molten metal by using high-quality insulating materials, which help control the temperature of molten metal.
  • Minimized oxidation: the cone prevents air from entering the molten aluminum, helping to keep the metal pure and of high quality.
  • Easy installation: our stopper cone can be easily installed into the required position using a simple locking mechanism.
  • High Temperature Resistance: Made from high-quality material, our stopper cone is durable and effectively withstands high temperatures.
aluminium silicate stopper cone