The Flourishing Market of Exothermic Insulating Riser Sleeve in Italy


In Italy, the casting industry is one of the oldest and most traditional manufacturing industries. It is a sector with a long history and deep roots, with companies that have been active for decades, handed down from generation to generation. The casting market in Italy is marked by increasing own consumption, high export rates, and an expanding market.

One of the essential components in the casting process is the exothermic insulating riser sleeve, which plays a crucial role in producing high-quality castings. These sleeves ensure an even flow of molten metal and create a barrier against heat loss, thereby facilitating the solidification of the casting. This article will analyze the market of exothermic insulating riser sleeve in Italy and the Italian casting market.

Overview of the Italian Casting Market

The Italian casting industry, with its numerous foundries, employs thousands of workers and generates significant annual revenues. According to the Italian Foundrymen’s Association (Amafond), the casting production in Italy in 2019 was estimated at 1.62 million tons, with an estimated value of EUR 3.5 billion. Of this production, the production of iron, steel and non-ferrous materials was 1,220,000 tons, accounting for 75% of the total casting production, with grey iron accounting for the vast majority.

The Italian foundry industry’s considerable success is also its international competitiveness. Italy is a leading worldwide producer of machine tools, industrial equipment, and other metal-based goods. In 2019, the value of casting exports reached an estimated EUR 3.1 billion, an increase of 1.5% from the previous year.

The high level of specialization of the Italian industry allows it to produce complex products, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors. Besides, Italian foundries are notable specialized and integrated supply chains, guaranteeing product quality, research, and innovation. The foundry sector also creates synergies with other sectors involved in the production of machinery and equipment, generating considerable benefits for the entire Italian industrial chain.


Market of Exothermic Insulating Riser Sleeve in Italy

Exothermic insulating riser sleeves, also known as exothermic sleeves or insulating sleeves, are a type of hollow tube made of ceramic fibers and other materials. These sleeves are inserted into a casting mold, surrounding the part of the casting that requires support during solidification. By slowing down the heat loss during the solidification stage, exothermic riser sleeves allow for a higher quality casting to be produced. They also help to reduce the weight of the casting by keeping the internal cavity cleaner.

The Italian market for exothermic insulating riser sleeves is growing steadily, driven mainly by increased demand from the foundry sector. According to estimates by CeramTec-ETEC, the Italian market for exothermic insulating riser sleeves is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% between 2020 and 2025.

Italy has a well-established network of foundries, with many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located across the country. These foundries play a key role in the country’s manufacturing industry, and many of them are focused on producing high-quality castings for export markets. Italy’s foundries are known for their expertise in producing specialized parts for the automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors, where the need for high-quality castings is essential.

The demand for exothermic insulating riser sleeves is closely related to the foundry industry’s needs for high-quality casting products. As the Italian foundry industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for these sleeves is expected to increase significantly. The leading suppliers of riser sleeves in Italy are well aware of this trend and are taking steps to expand their production capacities to meet the growing demand.

Main Players in the Italian Market

The Italian market for exothermic insulating riser sleeves is highly competitive, with several established players competing for market share. These companies have extensive experience in the manufacturing of exothermic sleeves and have established a reputation for delivering high-quality products.

One of the leading players in the Italian market is CeramTec-ETEC, a German-owned company that specializes in the production of exothermic insulating riser sleeves. The company has a strong presence in Italy and is committed to meeting the growing demand for its products. Its product range includes a variety of sleeves tailored to meet the specific needs of different applications.

Other major players in the market include Calderys, Pyrotek, Marconi Srl, IMERYS, among others. These companies offer a range of products, including exothermic and insulating sleeves, to meet the diverse needs of the market.


The market for exothermic insulating riser sleeves in Italy is growing steadily, driven by increasing demand from the foundry industry. As the Italian foundry industry continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality castings will continue to increase. The use of exothermic insulating riser sleeves will be key to meeting this demand, and leading manufacturers are taking steps to expand their production capacity to meet the growing need.

The Italian foundry industry is a thriving sector, with numerous established players and SMEs that have contributed significantly to the country’s industrial growth. The industry’s expertise in producing high-quality castings for export markets has made it a leading player in the global marketplace.

The future looks bright for the Italian casting industry, and the market for exothermic insulating riser sleeves will undoubtedly play a significant role in driving its growth and success.