Foam Ceramics

Foam Ceramics

At SF-Foundry, we specialize in foam ceramics designed to meet the demands of high-temperature foundry industries. Our foam ceramics possess a lightweight structure and excellent insulation properties, providing numerous advantages in diverse applications. With our expertise, we deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments.

Types of SF-Foundry Foam Ceramics

sic foam ceramics

Enhance your casting quality with our silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic foam filters. These filters effectively remove impurities and solid particles from molten metals. Featuring high-temperature resistance, exceptional thermal stability, and excellent chemical compatibility, they are widely used in foundries and metal casting industries.

alumina foam ceramics

Our alumina ceramic foam filters offer reliable aluminum filtration solutions for various applications. Made from high-purity alumina, these filters exhibit excellent thermal shock resistance and superior mechanical strength. They are ideal for applications that require high-temperature stability and exceptional filtration efficiency.

zirconia foam ceramics

For demanding molten metal filtration processes like steel casting, zirconia ceramic filters provide optimal performance. These filters possess exceptional chemical resistance and high-temperature stability, ensuring efficient removal of impurities from molten metals. They find applications in steel production, copper, and more.

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Technical Specifications

Ceramic Filter
Pore Density(PPI) 10–40
Porosity(%) 80-90
Max Working Temperature (ºC) 1000-1700
Bending Strength(Mpa) 0.8-1.0
Compressive Strength(Mpa) 1.0-1.2
Thermal Shock Resistance( times/1100-0ºC) 6
foam ceramic filters

Applications of Foam Ceramic Fiters

Our foam ceramic filters are versatile and find applications in various industries, including:

  • Foundries and Metal Casting
  • Steel Production
  • Aluminum Casting
  • And more

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We are committed to providing top-quality foam ceramics that cater to your specific requirements. Trust SF-Foundry to enhance your filtration processes and achieve exceptional results.

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